You've heard it before — cancel the meeting, start a thread. But it can be a hassle to re-create the same thread over and over again to collect updates from your team. Now you really can **cancel the meeting and start a recurring thread. In two minutes or less.

Eager to jump in? Start your first recurring thread by clicking HERE.

🗓️ Getting Started

Create a thread, set it as recurring (pick days/times), and let us do the rest.

🔂 Here are the tactical steps:

  1. Click Start a thread on the left-side of Threads
  2. Add in where you're posting the thread, and write your thread
  3. Click the drop-down at the bottom right side of the thread, next to the 'post' button:
    1. Select Recurring Threads
    2. Set when you want to post the thread, and when you want it to repeat

A copy of the thread will be automatically posted at the day and time you select. You'll be able to view your recurring threads from Sent.

🤯 Save up to 195 hours a year

💡 Use cases

Looking for some inspiration?

Read about how one of our engineers reimagined the daily stand-up meeting and was able to get and give time back, all while staying aligned & unblocked with the help of recurring threads:

The Daily Stand-Up Meeting is Broken